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How to distinguish between RGB and RGBIC LED strip light?

Color changing smart light strips have been widely used in homes and entertainment venues. But for people who don’t know LED strips, picking out strips can be difficult. Our colored light strips have several different specifications, some are RGB light strips, some are RGBW, RGB CCT light strips, and some are RGBIC light strips. This article mainly describes the difference between RGB and RGBIC strips.

What are RGB and RGBIC LED strip light?

  • RGB LED strip light

RGB means red, green, blue. RGB strips consist of many small RGB chips, and a strip can only emit one color. By connecting a controller, you can adjust the color of the light you want.

  • RGBIC LED strip light

RGBIC has a built-in special IC chip, these IC chips can control the light of different colors, so the RGBIC light strip can emit light of different colors at the same time, giving a feeling that the lights are rotating, which is very suitable for creating a sense of atmosphere.

What's the differences between RGB and RGBIC LED strip light?

  • RGB LED strip can be cut, RGBIC LED strip cannot be cut

Since the IC chip on the RGBIC light strip is programmed, once it is cut, the program of the entire light strip will be destroyed, so the RGBIC light strip cannot operate normally. As for the RGB light strip, you can cut it at the scissors marked on the light strip according to the length you want.

  • RGBIC LED strip is brighter than RGB LED strip

Compared with RGB light strips, the brightness of RGBIC light strips will be very bright, which may not be applicable in some occasions.

  • RGBIC LED strip is more expensive than RGB LED strip

The IC chip of the RGBIC light strip is specially programmed, and the cost is higher, so the RGBIC light strip is also more expensive.

When to choose RGBIC LED strips instead of RGB LED strips?

  • LED lighting behind TV and computer

If you are a fan of movies, sports events and games, you can choose RGBIC strips. Lighting strips not only add ambience and make you more immersed in games and videos; they also make you feel better. The lighting effects can be changed according to the audio of the music, giving you the feeling of being in a pub dance party.

  • Festival, dance, bar lighting

The RGBIC light strip is definitely the perfect choice for the lighting effect of the festival bar dance party, not only can create the atmosphere, but also can change the lighting according to the audio of the music, which pushes the atmosphere to a climax.

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