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How to power LED strip lights

Many customers who don’t understand LED strips, after purchasing the strip and installing it, after turning on the power supply, the lights continue to flicker or fail, and they may smell burnt. One of the factors is the problem of voltage.
Since the light strips on the market are almost all low-voltage light strips, the voltages provided are generally 5V, 12V and 24V, and the voltage in our home is generally above 110V, so the light strips cannot be directly connected to the home circuit. High, when directly connected to the light strip, it will cause the line of the light strip to burn out, thereby damaging the light strip.
At this point, we need a transformer (also called a power adapter) to convert the AC high voltage of the home into a DC low voltage. Choosing the right transformer can prolong the service life of the light strip, so how do we choose the right power supply?
When choosing a power supply, you need to consider the following two factors:

LED strip voltage

The LED light strips sold by Hedorance are generally marked with the voltage of the light strip (12V or 24V), so when you buy a power adapter, you should buy the same power supply as the LED light strip. If the voltage is too low, the light strip will not be bright enough; if the voltage is too high, the light strip will be damaged.

Power and consumption

Hedorance light strips will indicate the power (W/m) of the light strips in the product details. You can calculate the power consumption of the light strips you install according to the length of the light strips you purchased (if you need to install 5 meters of lighting equipment , requires 12 watts per meter, then total power = 12 watts * 5 meters = 60 watts). And we recommend that the selected power supply use 80% of the maximum power as much as possible (so the power of the selected power supply is 60 watts * 120% = 72 watts).
However, when we install a longer light strip, try to choose a 24V light strip and power supply, so that the brightness of the light strip will be brighter and the transmission distance will be longer.

How to connect LED strip light to Power supply?

It is very simple to link the LED strip to the power supply, just connect the 2.1mm female connection point of the strip to the male threaded plug of the power supply; if the port on the LED strip is bare wire, you can use the wire nut to connect the power supply, But at this time, you must pay attention to the corresponding positive and negative poles, otherwise the light strip will not work properly.

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