LED power supplies

LED power supply is the one of one of the most important parts for LED lights job. It is also called LED transformer or LED chauffeur. We supply all sort of UL noted 12V and 24V LED power supplies. I These LED power products come with the best top quality, high PFC as well as high performance.

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    How to choose the right power supply?

    We recommend that the power supply use 80% of its maximum rated power. A power supply of this capacity can extend the life of the power supply and prevent the power supply from overheating. We need to consider the following factors:
    ● Voltage: We have 12v and 24v strips to choose from, so you need to decide which spec to choose, otherwise the power supply won’t work.
    ● Wattage: The wattage of the power supply determines how long strips of light you can supply. Therefore, you need to determine the wattage of the light strip you are using. The wattage of the light strip will be marked on our product page, in w/m or w/ft, and then multiply it by the length you want to use. Get the total wattage. The resulting total wattage is divided by 0.8 to get the minimum power supply rating.
    When we know the voltage and minimum wattage, we can choose the power supply we need.

    How to wire LED strip light to power supply?

    Step1:The LED light strip as well as power supply have matching DC male and women connectors, which can be straight placed right into the connection.

    Step2: The power supply has a DC male connector, and also the light strip has a pig tail lead. A coaxial barrel as well as screw incurable adapter is needed.

    Step3: The light strip has pig tail leads and also is connected to a common switching power supply. Just protect the pig tail leads with screw at the power supply output terminals. If it is a monochrome light strip with a DC adapter with two cables, you can remove the DC port, strip the cord and also link it to the power supply.

    Step4.:The light strip has a pig tail lead. As well as the LED strip power supply also has a pig tail lead, such as the Mean Well HLG-240-24. You can use the clip on adapters to link the leads of power supply as well as the light strip. You can additionally make use of wire-end ferrules to link, after that put on the warm diminish tubing to offer insulation. Clip on adapters and also wire-end ferrules are expert and simple connectors that do not call for soldering.


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