LED strip connectors

LED strip light connectors are extremely vital LED accessories to link LED light strip, our solderless ports makes LED strip setup easier and quicker. Led connectors help achieve links in between LED strip and strip, controller, power supply, LED wires and various other elements.
Because of the fast development as well as application of LED strips, the research and development of LED quick solderless connectors are additionally altering with each passing day. A top quality port can develop a firm link without fretting about falling off. An excellent connector has a large connection factor as well as good electric conductivity.

Different connection user interfaces have been developed for various links to make your installment more convenient. Presently, LED solderless ports have actually been able to assist end up most LED strip installation projects.

2 pin LED connector – for warm white, natural white, cool white and cob led strip light
3 pin LED connector – for tunable white LED strip light and RGBIC LED Strip Light.
4 pin LED connector – for RGB color changing LED strip.
5 pin LED connector – for RGBW LED strip light.
6 pin LED connector – for RGB CCT LED strip light

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    What are differences of all types of led strip connectors?

    The product for LED strip connectors consists of: cable, copper, and also fireproof PC. As a result of the different sorts of light strips, the variety of electric channels is different, so the ports are also of various kinds to fulfill the various link demands. Our typical light strips are typically divided right into black and white (2 pin), tunable white (3 pin), RGB (4 pin), RGBW (5 pin) and also RGB CCT( 6 Pin).

    •  2 pin LED strip light adapterThere are 2 copper pads, positive as well as adverse, on the white light strip. Both copper pads are the two link factors, so the connectors for grayscale LED strips are 2 pin LED strip ports. The two pins are gotten in touch with the two pads of the light strip, and also the connection is achieved.
    • 3 pin LED strip adapter
      The tunable white light strip has 3 copper pads, one positive and 2 negatives. As a result, the tunable white LED strip connector has a three-pin connection points, which we call 3 pin LED strip port, consisting of a positive link and also two unfavorable connections for cozy white and also trendy white light.
    • 4 pin RGB LED strip port
      The RGB color altering LED strip has 4 copper pads, one favorable, as well as 3 downsides for colors of R, G, as well as B. The RGB adapter for that reason has a four-wire connection cable, consisting of a favorable connection and red, eco-friendly as well as blue solder factors of adverse polarity. So we generally say that the RGB LED strip adapter is 4 pin LED strip adapter
      When connecting with RGB strip lights, you need to pay attention to the two ends of the link and make certain each pin is matched properly, that is, favorable to positive, R (red) to R (red), G (environment-friendly) to G (environment-friendly), and also B (blue) to B (blue).
    • 5 pin RGBW LED strip adapter.
      The RGBW LED strip has five copper pads, one favorable, and also 4 negatives for R, G, B, and W. The connector has a five cable link cable television, additionally called the 5 pin LED strip connector, that includes a positive connection and also red, environment-friendly, blue, as well as white solder points of adverse polarity.
    • 6 pin RGB CCT LED strip light
      The RGW CCT LED strip has 6 copper pads, one positive, and also five downsides for R, G, B, W and also C. The adapter has a five cord connection wire, additionally known as the 6 pin LED strip connector, which includes a positive connection and also red, green, blue, white and yellow solder factors of unfavorable polarity.

    How to connect LED strip using LED strip connectors?

    Step1: LED strip connectors for connecting LED strips or power supplies are generally marked with positive and negative polarities. When using this kind of connector, need to pay attention and connect positive to positive, negative to negative. For RGB strip lights, need to create the correct connection of each color channel.

    Step 2 Connectors and LED wires have a limit of electric current load, and care must be taken not to exceed this limit during installations..

    For example, if the wire is overheated, it will become too soft. If the current is too large, the wire is overheated and there are traces of burnt at the connection points. Once such an abnormality is found, need to cut off the power supply immediately. Examine the overload problem, and replace with connectors or LED wires of sufficient current.

    Step 3 Consider the size of the connectors. The internal dimensions of the connectors need to match the size of the light strip. The external dimensions of the connectors are also a factor to be considered.


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