White LED strip light

Our white LED strip lights have static white and dynamic white light. Static white has warm white(3000K), natural white(4000K )and cool white(6000K), warm white gives people a feeling of comfort and relaxation, natural white shows the real color of the object, cool white is the brightest color, Suitable for lighting places. For dynamic white LED strip light, you need to use it with a controller. So, you can adjust the atmosphere and brightness you want according to your mood and the requirements of the place.

RGB LED strip light

Our RGB color changing LED light strips are LED lights equipped with 5050 chips to produce color changing effects. Each LED  can emit three basic colors RGB (Red, Green, Blue), and tens of thousands of colors can be produced by mixing the three colors. And we also have a variant of RGB LED strips. In addition to emitting colored light, RGBW LED strips can also emit white light. Through the combination of white light and colored light, new colors can be generated. RGB CCT LED strips are a combination of white and colored lights that contain multiple color temperatures. Customers can mix any white light into colored light to create bolder and more creative lighting colors.

RGBIC LED strip light

The RGBIC LED strip lights is also equivalent to a variant of the RGB strip. The difference is that the IC chip on the RGBIC strip can emit different colors of light from the LEDs on the strip, giving you the illusion that the lights are chasing. The most popular method used is to connect a light bar to a sound device, and when the music is playing, the light will change color according to the rhythm of the music. The RGBIC LED strip light has a strong sense of atmosphere.

COB LED strip light

COB (Chips on Board) is a new LED packaging technology for LED light engines. Multiple LED chips are packaged together as a lighting module. The COB LED light strip is directly mounted on the PCB board, with better heat dissipation performance and longer service life. Due to the smaller size, uniform distribution and high density of the diodes. COB LED strips have better flexibility, uniform light dispersion and higher brightness.