LED Strip Lights

The most preferred choice of professionals, home owners and lighting designers for different lighting applications is the 12V and 24-V flexible LED strip light. This is due to its versatility, high brightness, low profile and high brightness. Our LED strip lights are designed for durability and come with a 3-year industry warranty. Our LEDs are designed by us for high brightness, uniformity, color rendering, and color consistency (High CRI upto 95).

All types of LED strip lights are available. There are many types of LED strips available:

  • Warm white, Neutral, Cool, and Tunable white LED Strip Light
  • Color-changing RGBW, RGBW and RGB+CCT LED Strip Lights
  • Waterproof strip lights

LED strip light kits

Outdoor waterproof LED  strip light

It’s a good time to meet up with your friends, have a party at home, and have a barbecue. Our waterproof RGB strips will perfectly elevate your party ambience to the top.

Our TV background lights perfectly decorate your TV background wall and make you more atmospheric when watching TV. Of course, you can also install it on your computer, and the color of the light can change with the music, making it more immersive for you to play games and watch ball games. Decorating a kids room with this light strip is also a great choice, your kids will be thrilled with it.

Application of LED lighting


What is an LED strip light?

As a new type of lighting equipment, LED light strips(also known as LED tape light) are loved by many families. Although there are many varieties on the market, most light strips have the following characteristics:

  • Consist of many individual LEDs mounted on a onto flexible print circuit (FPC) boards
  • Operate on low-voltage DC power(DC 12V or 24V)
  • An reel (16 feet / 5 meters), can be cut to length, mount through 3M double-sided adhesive
  • Single color, variable color(RGB,RGBW, RGB CCT, CCT)


How to choose LED strip brightness?

The brightness of LED strips is usually expressed in lumens per meter, and different LED strips have different brightness. The brightness of LED strips is mainly determined by the following factors:

  • Number of LEDs per meter LED strip
  • Efficiency per meter strip
  • Light Efficiency per LED

LED Strip Color Option: White

White-emitting LED lights come with different colors of white light to choose from, so white-emitting strips are more popular.
When measuring the quality and color of white light, color temperature and color rendering index are two important indicators.
The color temperature of our light bar includes: warm white (3000K), natural white (4000K), cool white (6000K), and adjustable color temperature (2700K~6500K).
The color rendering index refers to the index of the accuracy of the color of the object under the light source. Under the light of low CRI, the color of the object may fade, giving people an uncomfortable feeling. In light with a high CRI, the object is more likely to show its original color, giving a brighter feel.


LED Strip Color Option: Variable Color

When you’re decorating a bar, or throwing a party, you may need colorful lights to add to the entertaining atmosphere. Then our color gradient light strip will achieve the entertainment atmosphere you want.

Our color changing light strips are made up of multiple color channels on a single light strip. The most basic is that the RGB light strip is composed of three channels of red, green and blue, and the second is that the RGBW light strip has a white channel in addition to the red, green and blue channels, and the color is richer. The RGB CCT light strip is composed of red, green and blue channels and two channels with different color temperatures, and is the most colorful light strip. And our RGBIC light strips are composed of special IC chips. One light strip can display several colors, giving people an illusion that the lights are flowing, which is very suitable for entertainment decoration.

For better control of these lights, we recommend that you buy a controller that allows you to adjust any light you want.



How to cut LED strip light?

Step 1: Search for the scissors logo on light strip

Manufacturers have added a logo for scissors to the cuttable portion of their LED strip lights. You must locate the scissors logo before you cut to avoid any damage.

Step 2: Cut with a pair scissors

Use your scissors to trim the excess strip at the location marked with the scissors logo. Inadvertently cutting diagonally can cause the light to stop working. Make sure you do not cut in a straight line.



How to connect LED strip light?

Step 1:Buy the right connector

There are many options for strip light connectors. You need to select the one that is right for your light strip. The connector that you choose must fit a light strip 8mm in width. It will not work if your light strip measures 10mm in width and you buy a connector measuring 8mm.

Step 2. Open the connector

If you find a cover on the connector, you will need to remove it.

Step 3. Insert LED strips

The LED light strip should be inserted into the connector’s fastening clips. You should make sure they are not reversible at this point.

Step 4. Close the connector cover

Close the connector cover after you have placed the light strip. Check to make sure the strip lights up normally when the power supply has been connected. Adjust the connection point between the connectors and the light strip to see if the parts don’t light up.


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