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Why choose LED strip Light for kitchen?

I don’t know if you have observed the lighting of various restaurants. The lighting of western restaurants is softer and very suitable for dating. This kind of lighting will give people a warm and tranquil effect, making people feel more happy. A study in the American Journal of Psychological Reports found that consumers ate less but were more satisfied when fast food restaurants were dimmed. From which we can draw inspiration, can we improve our family dining environment?

Part 1: How does light affect one’s appetite?

When we get off work at night, the lights of the roadside restaurants turn warm yellow, and the food becomes more attractive under these lights. We are like going in and doing it and tasting the food; but when we see a convenience store still brightly lit, its customers are busy, and it just gives us a feeling that I have to fill my stomach and go to work.
Home is a warm place, and the kitchen is the soul of a home, so focusing on the lighting design of the kitchen can improve the happiness of the family.
Candlelight dinners are known to increase the comfort and relaxation of a couple’s meal. At home, we can adjust the lighting in the dining room to soft, warm lighting. It can not only wash away the tiredness of those who come home from get off work, but also promote the appetite of family members. Studies have shown that blue light can suppress the appetite of men. If men at home want to lose weight, they can try to adjust the light to blue, but blue light has no effect on women. And the light in the kitchen can also affect the mood of the person cooking, so you can choose adjustable lights to meet your lighting needs. Our light strips are a perfect choice!

Part 2: Ideas to install LED strip light for kitchen

1.Under Cabinet lighting
Our kitchens and dining rooms will have some cabinets or bar counters, and LED strips can be installed at the bottom of the cabinets or bar counters. Adjust your lighting to your liking and the overall decor of your kitchen.
2.Above Cabinet lighting
If your cabinets are attached to the ceiling, you can install light strips where they are attached.
3. Ceiling light
You can install light strips directly in the kitchen and dining room ceiling color wall gaps, but you need to consider the overall layout of your house.

Part 3: How to choose a light strip?

If you choose to install it in the kitchen near the water source or electrical appliances, it is recommended that you choose a waterproof light strip.
2. Adjustable
If you only want monochromatic light, you can choose white light strip with the color temperature you want; if you want colored light, you can choose RGB light strip; if you want color and white light, you can choose RGB CCT Light strip, this light strip allows you to adjust any light you want. But if you want a multi-color light strip, you have to choose a controller so you can adjust your lights at any time.

Part 4, why choose hedorance LED strips?

Firstly, our light strip adopts high quality FCB board, the heat dissipation is very good, we can hardly feel the temperature of the light.
Secondly, the service life of our light strips is up to 50,000 hours, which is more durable than traditional light strips and does not need to be replaced frequently.
Third, our light strips are UL certified with higher quality.
Fourth, the color rendering index of our light strip is as high as 90 or more, its lighting is better, and it can present the most natural color of the object.
Finally, we offer a variety of accessories to satisfy any idea you have about light strips.

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